Welcome to Maine CDC's Division of Disease Prevention Wiki site:

A number of Division initiatives use this Wiki site for the collaborative work necessary for moving the effort forward. Each initiative has its own wiki. That you are seeing this page means you have been invited to join one of these wikis as part of a collaborative process.

In the top right corner of your screen there is a black tool bar that will expand when you place your mouse curser over it. Here, under "My Wiki's" you will see all of the wikis you are part of and have access to.

General WIKI info

Your initial invitation to the wiki email contained links to instructional videos about wikis and aspects within wikis that you may find helpful as you begin to become more familiar with this resource. For your convenience you can find a variety of wikispaces videos on the WikiSpaces You Tube Channeland a nice little general Wiki's in Plain English video here.

If you have any questions please email Doug.Beck@maine.gov.